In our churches you'll find vibrant, contemporary Christians who love the Lord Jesus Christ and express that love in lively praise and worship and in caring relationships.

There are over a thousand ACC churches across Australia. Use our Find a Location tool to help find a church near you.

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There is a Church in your heart and a passion to see lives changed. Now it's time to prepare for the journey.


The Planting Pathways program is designed to give you the training, resourcing, funding and support you need to start strong.


Planting Pathways is a four step process that helps you build your launch team, raise funds, form a worship team, develop your children's ministry, gain momentum, and so much more!


This new approach to church planting in NSW is not the only way to plant a church. Churches can and will continue to plant churches in a variety of ways.


We are believing that this new strategic approach will strengthen church planting and empower church planters for a fruitful season ahead.

Your Next Steps


1. Contact the ACCNSW Church Planting office here to get started and download and read "Everything You Need to Know About Planting a Church."


2. We will set up your first Skype meeting with Pastor Darren Bonnell and you will begin your Planting Pathways training. These meetings will be ongoing during the Pathways training and post-launch to support you through the journey.


3. Identify your Regional Leader here and download the Proposed New Church Form.


4. Contact your Regional Leader and set up a meeting to work through the Proposed New Church Form and have it endorsed.

Planting Pathways | Step 1: Introduction
Planting Pathways | Step 2: Advanced Training

IT'S GO TIME! As you move forward to Launch Day, the Church Planting Team will help you build momentum.

Planting Pathways | Step 3: Assessment
Planting Pathways | Step 4: Launch

Step 3 is our opportunity to spend time with you and your spouse to evaluate you as a potential ACCNSW Church Planter.

Now that you've completed Step 1, it's time for intensive training where we will get down to details with the Step 2 How-To's.

To begin your journey, you will learn 8 Church Planting Essentials for successfully planting strong, life-giving churches.

The ResourceHUB | Watch
The ResourceHUB | Watch
The ResourceHUB | Watch


Find out more about Church Planting with these helpful "How-To" videos, interviews and more!

Planting Pathways | Sign-Up
Planting Pathways | Sign-Up
Planting Pathways | Sign-Up


Partner with ACCNSW Church Planting
Partner with ACCNSW Church Planting
Partner with ACCNSW Church Planting


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